One human being in all stages of life including childhood, puberty and elderliness is able to benefit from massage. Some of these benefits include increased alertness and thinking, increased self-esteem and concentration, improved blood and lymph circulation, increased flexibility of body tissues, strengthened immune and nervous systems, relief from pain and muscle cramps due to sport injuries, surgery and accidents, increased absorption of nutrients from the gut as well as improved sleep pattern.

Stress, back pain, anxiety, headache, insomnia, lack of appetite and arthritis only form a small set of ailments which can be improved or even cured using massage.  In Thai massage teachings, masseur begins his/her duty with the element of “compassion”, continues with the elements of “love and care" and finishes with the elements of “joy and balance”.

Experience the delicate art of massage here with us.

Niloofar-e-Abi is the first and only professional Thai massage and spa centre in Iran.


Harmony massage

Head massage with warm oils has a well-deserved impression on strengthening the roots and stem of hair, enhancing immune system, habitude and reducing stress. After the massage is finished compressing head with warm towels soaked in herbal extracts gives a special shine to your hair.

Traditional Thai massage

Massage places can be found in every single corner of Thailand. The place may be just as simple as a couple of lined chairs and beds or even a small carpet alongside the street but...

Royal Thai massage

Royal Thai massage includes 60 minutes of traditional Thai massage together with 30 minutes of face and scalp massage.Royal Thai massage has the same benefits of ...

Oil massage (Aromatherapy)

During oil massage, the masseur makes use of scented and nutritious plant-based oils while performing the massage. Variety of plants, flowers and resins exist in the natural world especially ...

Oil massage with hot towel

Oil massage together with hot towel is considered as a greatly enjoyable massage which is effective in relieving local pains as well as muscle cramps. This massage is popular among ...

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the first modern western massage. Swedish massage makes use of herbal ...

Hot Stone massage

Hot stone massage is a type of deeply relaxing and enjoyable massage which is performed using volcanic stones in order to eliminate deep muscle tension and fatigue.

Oreintal massage

Oriental massage is a combination of forceful stretch movements together with mild body massage which is particularly enjoyable for those who prefer both of these to be present ...

Herbal Butter Massage

Herbal butter massage is ideal for skin softness and freshness. It also plays a role in nourishing skin cells. During this massage, all of the body is massaged using herbal butter or margarine ...

Herbal compress massage

Due to their unique habitat, plants in tropical regions tend to have special and unique features which include therapeutic, relaxing and healing features. For instance, there is a unique ...

Candle Massage

This massage is a great method when it comes to looking after the skin and body which is performed using candles specially designed for massaging purposes. Candle massage ...

Performance massage

Performance massage is a massage designed especially for shoulders and the back regions. This type of massage is very suitable and ideal for those who have seated jobs or ...

Facial massage

Facial massage is a unique type of massage which is suitable for those who wish to have a fresh-looking, healthy and glowing skin. A series of compressive and stretch movements ...

Head massage

During head massage, by touching different parts of the skull which contains all of body’s nerves, elimination of tension and stress throughout the body is garanteed. ...

Hand massage

Hand massage is specifically useful for those who work a lot with their hands such as hairdressers, knitters, etc. During hand massage, a series of rotational and compressive ....

Foot Reflexology

Foot is considered as human’s second heart due to its importance in body’s general health. Because of bearing body weight and maintaining balance, feet play an important role in...

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