The word “Spa” comes from name of a town in Belgium which gained popularity for its hot water springs used for bathing. These springs became well known worldwide due to their mineral-rich water and therapeutic properties. Today, “Spa” is referred to as a set of health and beauty treatments with variety of centres offering these services.

Some of these Spa services include:
Beauty spa, health spa, sea spa, day spa and spa therapy are some of these services offered in places such as spa villages, spa and hotel resorts and spa clubs. In these spa destinations, special attention is paid to the five human senses. Utilization of various colors together with special diet and music, all are present to bring the gift of tranquility for the clients. This centre, being the first official spa centre in Iran, proudly offers these services at the level of global standards.

Chocolate Spa

Chocolate is beyond a luxurious and relaxing service. In this spa, at first m the rough and dried skin is cleansed with a scrub, and then the body is covered with a layer of chocolate by aluminum foil for better absorption.

Milk and honey Spa

In milk and honey services, the combination of milk and honey is used on the body that brings beauty and delicacy to the skin.

Gentle spa

Gentle spa is a great way to get rid of daily physical and mental fatigue. It also has the capability to offer skin softness and glow. This package is especially recommended during...

Siren spa

This is a complete package for skin softness and glow.

Body Scrub

Body scrub is an incredible method for skin relaxation, calmness and rejuvenation.

After sun massage

This massage is effective in completing the process of sun bathing as well as repairing damages to the skin caused by sun light. By using specific herbal oils during after sun massage, sun-burnt and inflamed skin is...

Hand Spa

Hand spa is a complete package for having weightless and beautiful hands.

Foot spa

Foot spa is especially suitable for those who wish to have soft and weightless feet.

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