Spa History


There is still no clear answer to where the word spa came from in health care. But there are two main theories about the etymology of the term as follows:

The spa is said to be an abbreviation of the Latin word Salus per aquam or Sanitas per aquam, which means "health through water".

Also, some believe that the word spa is derived from the name of a city in Belgium where a hot spring was discovered in the fourteenth century.

However, many people associate traditional spas with Roman baths. Evidence from spa treatments shows that it dates back thousands of years ago. At that time, people strongly believed in the healing power of mineral waters.

 In 1326, a master blacksmith, discovered mineral springs, in Belgium. From that time, a recreational and therapeutic resort was developed around these springs.

Since now, the term "spa" was applied to any kind of resort located near natural or mineral springs. After that, spa services have grown not only in Europe but also in many countries around the world, and their popularity has grown day by day.


What are the main spa services?


Today, you can receive all kinds of spa services, which mostly include beauty and health services. Common spa services include manicures, facials, pedicures, and massages. Facial and body care services and beauty services are common in spas around the world.

If you want to try some of the most popular spas, you can try these:

Milk and honey spa: a combination of milk and honey on the body and makes the skin soft and supple.

Chocolate Spa: Chocolate contains various minerals and helps skin cells to grow.

Gentle Spa: An extremely relaxing way to get rid of everyday tiredness. The spa makes the skin fresh and soft.

Siren Spa: A type of spa which uses scrubs that contains sand and salt. This spa is good for dry and rough skin.

Body scrub: An ideal spa that uses special creams to relax and regenerate the skin.

Hand Spa: if you want a complete package to have beautiful and delicate hands, try this one.

Foot Spa: If you are looking for soft and delicate feet, a foot spa is an ideal option that cleans rough areas.


What are the types of spas?


You can experience different types of spas in different places. From luxury resorts, day spas, and medical spas. Spa services are available worldwide these days.

Daily spa

Day spas are places you only go to use the services, but there is no accommodation. Some hotels and resorts can offer daily spa facilities. This type of spa typically offers facial services, massage, and other cosmetic services. You will typically find daily spas in city centers and residential areas that provide medical services to local clients.


Spa Hotel

One of the most popular spas that people are looking for, especially when they are traveling to a destination. Hotel spas, as their name shows, are located in many luxury hotels and offer a variety of services.

 These spas provide services to hotel guests and usually the general public. The facilities of these spas can go beyond the usual hydrotherapy. it includes swimming pools and thermal baths as part of the hotel's entertainment.


Accommodation spa

Destination Spas are one step higher than the spa hotel. They offer the highest quality spa facilities, hydrotherapy pools, Jacuzzi and steam room, etc. in beautiful coastal environments. Accommodation spas are available for guests’ daily use in hotels or resorts, although some of them are open to the public to book spa services. The quality of facilities and services of this type of spa is very high, especially in luxurious accommodations.


Resort spa

Spa resorts are very similar to Destination Spas. The main difference between the two spas is that the resort spas often focus on health and wellness. Some also offer weight loss and fitness programs, while others are popular because of their detox diets. The duration of your stay at the spa resort can vary on weekends or even up to 14 nights.


Medical spas

You can also use medical spas or Medi-Spas which provide medical services. Depending on the procedure, medical spas should be managed or at least supervised by a qualified physician. Medical spas have a special focus on anti-aging treatments. These spas are mostly medical and offer services such as detoxification, metabolic optimization, fat-burning optimization, medical weight loss, etc.


A spa for treatment or entertainment?

It depends on you and your needs. You can use spa services as a treatment or just try it for entertainment in a hotel, resort, etc. it can be a beauty goal or health goal. Just try it in a reliable center with some experienced therapists.





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