Have you ever wondered how often we should get a massage? This is a question that is often asked at the end of a massage session and you are looking to book your next appointment as soon as possible. While this length of time varies according to each person's individual needs, there is a general guideline for determining how often your body will need a massage. Stay with Niloofare Abi to answer your question.


Get a massage according to your needs

You may need a massage due to an injury, exercise, or simply massage can relieve everyday stress and tension. As you know, massage significantly helps to reduce stress. For example, pregnant women can also benefit greatly from regular massages, especially in late pregnancy. Pregnancy massage helps to reduce anxiety, muscle pain, joint pain, etc. Take a look at this guide below to help you know your personal needs and the massage session you should receive each month.


Massage for athletes

If you are an athlete, you will need multiple massages for your specific sport and goals. Some athletes get massages daily, while others do it before a special event. You should look at your exercise program and what your therapist recommends for your exercise, training, and goals.


Massage to relieve pain

Reducing pain in different parts of the body such as the neck, back, etc. is another reason that encourages people to get a diffrent types of massage. If you have pain from an injury and want to reduce or manage it, massage therapy is a great technique to do so. Pain management may vary from person to person, which means you need an individualized frequency and technique.

If you have severe pain but do not need medical intervention, get a massage once or twice a week. If you find that your pain has decreased or you have started to manage your pain at a lower level, you only need to massage once a week or every other week.


Massage for personal needs

Sometimes you just need to reduce the stress in your life or find a way to manage it. This stress can be caused by work, taking care of children, or other physical or mental needs of people, in which case massage is an excellent way to reduce stress and soothe the body.

This is normal for people who are in a stressful job or life situation. With weekly or once every two weeks massage sessions, you can cope with your lifestyle. You may not realize how much you are suffering from even the normal stresses of everyday life until you get a massage!


Is it good to get too many massage sessions?

Massage is an excellent tool to relieve stress and increase the overall quality of life. You will often feel better for a full week after a massage. That way, you don't need to get a massage more than once a week, unless you're dealing with pain or injury. The benefits of massage include relieving tension headaches, increasing energy, and improving mental health. Despite these benefits, is there such a thing as too much massage?

In fact, you can get massages frequently. Once a week is the most you can do unless you are dealing with pain or intense exercise. The best frequency is decided between you and your therapist, the way your body responds to the message is a big part of that decision. You should go for a massage at least once a month, but in severe pain, twice a week is often enough.

When your body starts to feel stiff and sore, it tells you it's time for another massage, but the type of massage can vary depending on your body's needs. If you've ever wondered how often to get a massage, use this guide to learn how to listen to your body and the benefits of frequent massages.




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