Massage Services

One human being in all stages of life including childhood, puberty and elderliness is able to benefit from massage. Some of these benefits include increased alertness and thinking, increased self-esteem and concentration, improved blood and lymph circulation, increased flexibility of body tissues, strengthened immune and nervous systems, relief from pain and muscle cramps due to sport injuries, surgery and accidents, increased absorption of nutrients from the gut as well as improved sleep pattern.

Stress, back pain, anxiety, headache, insomnia, lack of appetite and arthritis only form a small set of ailments which can be improved or even cured using massage.  In Thai massage teachings, masseur begins his/her duty with the element of “compassion”, continues with the elements of “love and care" and finishes with the elements of “joy and balance”.

Experience the delicate art of massage here with us.

Niloofar-e-Abi is the first and only professional Thai massage and spa centre in Iran.