Thai massage is known all over the world. Thai massage technique has been formed for centuries and today it includes much useful knowledge and findings of experts. Different types of Thai massage can give you health and energy for a whole year! If you want to learn more about types of Thai massage, stay with Niloofare Abi.


Traditional Thai massage


Traditional Thai Massage is based on ancient Thai techniques. Classic Thai massage is a combination of stretching movements, passive yoga, and applying pressure on active points of the body. This massage is performed on the clothes and the therapist can use his hands or knees during the massage. Before the massage, you must wear the special clothes provided to you in the massage center.

Traditional Thai massage is performed on a special mat on the floor or a massage table. The benefits of Thai massage include improving muscle and joint function, as well as more flexibility, better blood circulation, and strengthening of the nervous system.

Traditional Thai massage has a great effect on people's muscles, so some people should either avoid it or consult their doctor before doing it. Traditional Thai massage is not recommended if you have problems with the cardiovascular and nervous system, chronic diseases with inflammatory processes, severe trauma, pregnancy or recovery after surgery, etc.


foot massage


Another type of Thai massage that has many fans is foot massage. This magical treatment will give you a lot of pleasure and relieve the tiredness of your feet. Foot massage includes kneading using hands and sticks. Before the massage, the therapist washes your feet with aromatic oils and scrubs, which is one of the most pleasant parts of the foot massage. During the massage, you should lift your legs, bend them at the knees and place them in a special place for a massage. Foot massage helps you relax and gives more elasticity to the leg muscles.


Oil Massage


Oil massage is a great treatment for those who are not looking for a tough massage. The soft movements of oil on your body will have a strong relaxing effect. Some people even fall asleep during the massage process! Different types of massage oil such as coconut oil, rose, lavender, or jasmine oil, etc. are used for this type of massage. After the massage, the whole body is wiped with a towel and you can even take a shower, so there is no trace of oil on your clothes. One of the benefits of oil massage is relaxation and improvement of sleep quality.


Face, head, and neck massage

Is another type of Thai massage which has a rejuvenating effect! After the face and neck massage, you will feel more softness and elasticity on your skin. Darkness under the eyes and fine wrinkles disappear. Also, neck and shoulder massages help to relax and relieve neck pain, get rid of a headache, and improve sleep.


Herbal compress massage


One of the popular types of Thai massage can be considered herbal compress massage. This type of massage is performed using a compressed herbal pack that contains useful herbs for the body. At first, the therapist touches the skin very gently with these hot bags, then as the compresses cool down, he will increase the pressure.

The benefits of herbal compress massage include increasing muscle strength, improving skin elasticity and stimulating the body's metabolism, relieving fatigue, providing relief and relaxation, and improving blood flow.


Just Experience a variety of Thai massages

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a royal Thai massage or you prefer a traditional Thai massage. You can even choose oil massage which is softer or go for herbal compress massage. Maybe you want to get a foot massage after a busy day or looking for more freshness in your skin. Whatever your choice is, just choose a reliable massage center to have an ideal experience.





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