Most people's idea of ​​yoga movements is a series of inverted poses that are performed in luxurious gyms. But, this stereotype of yoga is not reality. Many people think that yoga is not for them. There are several misconceptions about yoga that you will benefit from if you discard them. According to the Yoga Alliance, the benefits of regular yoga practice include pain relief, increased body strength and flexibility, stress reduction, better breathing, weight management, cardiovascular conditioning, better blood circulation, and more relaxation. If you want to know about the 6 myths about yoga, stay with Niloofare Abi.


1- I am not flexible enough to do yoga!

Many people fear yoga because they think they are not flexible enough to do it, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. We don't need to be flexible to do yoga we do it to become flexible! Yoga and stretching are suitable for all people at all levels. While you may never reach the prowess of the people who post pictures of themselves doing tough yoga poses on Instagram, your flexibility will improve over time.


2- Yoga is only for women!

One of the biggest misconceptions about yoga is that it's only for women. Yoga started as a purely male practice and it was in modern times that it became dominated by women. Therefore, yoga can be just as, if not more, beneficial for men.

Yoga helps everyone improve joint mobility, range of motion, and overall body stability. These benefits can help men and women reach their performance goals in sports ranging from weightlifting to running and more. In this context, you can read the article "7 reasons why men should practice yoga".


3. Yoga is an expensive exercise

Many people think that yoga is too expensive or out of their reach. Although they can be very expensive in some places, there are many ways to practice yoga without paying a lot of money, for example, there are free resources for practicing yoga online. Of course, for those who are just planning to learn yoga, we recommend that they start with a good instructor in a reputable center. Sometimes, doing the wrong moves can do more harm than good.


4. Yoga is not good exercise!

Sometimes people think that yoga is not a suitable exercise and does not bring them to the level of physical activity they need. While you may have attended the wrong class. Nowadays, different types of yoga classes are available for different levels. Indeed, yoga poses are mostly stretching, but you'll gain more flexibility with these types of movements. Many yoga movements include bearing body weight, which leads to resistance and increases muscle strength.


5. Yoga is not good for people with back pain!

There are many different styles of yoga and most of them are suitable for injuries and chronic diseases. Doctors regularly prescribe yoga for specific injuries such as back pain. Just talk to an experienced yoga instructor to find the right style for you. If you suffer from high blood pressure, a vinyasa class is not the best idea for you. If you're looking to lose weight and get your heart rate up, a restorative practice may not be the best choice.


6. Yoga is a series of crazy poses!

Yoga isn't just about putting your feet up. While trying new moves can be part of the excitement of yoga, it's not the whole picture. People come to practice yoga for different reasons. For some, the crazy poses are appealing, but for others, it can be the proper breathing, flexibility, focus, strength, etc. that yoga is all about.


Do not lose the benefits of yoga with myths

In this article, we tried to talk about the myths that people have about yoga. Don't let these common misconceptions about yoga stop you from trying this exciting yet beneficial practice for both body and mind. you can also read this article for more useful information about yoga; ''facts you didn't know about yoga''.



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