CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is obtained from the hemp plant and has many properties. CBD is one of the hundreds of chemicals known as cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, and is not psychoactive, but has significant therapeutic effects. Currently, CBD oil is used topically as a cream, lotion, balm, etc. When applied topically, CBD oil is absorbed by the skin and targets the cannabinoid receptors in mast cells and nerve fibers in the skin. Stay with Niloofare Abi to learn more about the benefits of massage with CBD oil.

Yoga, an exercise that teaches you how to stretch and breathe, can improve your life by reducing stress and preventing injury. Most yoga classes may be filled by women, but, contrary to what you might think, it's not just a sport for women. The real results of regular yoga practice are quite practical and you don't need any special equipment except a small space and a mat. If you're still not convinced that yoga can be an ideal exercise for men stay with Niloofare Abi and read these 7 reasons why men should practice yoga.

What is the difference between a hot stone and a cold stone massage? What stone is used in this type of massage? Which one is more useful? How often can you use these types of massages? You may have heard the name of stone massage and you are interested in what exactly happens during this massage. Stay with Niloofare Abi to know more about the difference.

Sitting behind a desk for long periods and inactivity have caused us to face many problems such as muscle cramps, stress, and fatigue. The good news is that many of these problems can be solved with massage therapy. But maybe you don't know, what kind of massage you need right now. Also, choosing among the types of massage and their techniques is not easy. So how do you know which massage therapy technique takes your health priorities into account? Stay with Niloofare Abi, and get the answer to this question.

Does massage really work to reduce stress? This is the question of many people who experience more stress and anxiety in different parts of their daily life. So, the answer to this question is yes; Massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress, which can have a significant effect on relaxing the body and reducing anxiety. Stay with Niloofare Abi and know more about how massage reduces stress.

What is the best massage for treating migraine? Medication is a common way to prevent and treat migraine, but some research shows that massage therapy can also be helpful for some people. This could be good news for people struggling with the side effects of migraine medications. However, it's still too early to ditch your migraine medications, as there isn't much data on this. Currently, massage is not part of the official treatment recommendations for migraines from the American Headache Society. But many small studies show massage can be useful for pain relief. Also, there is research showing that massage therapy can help reduce common migraine triggers, such as stress and sleep problems. Stay with Niloofare Abi, and know more about how massage can help migraine.

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