In 2017, Niloofar Abi won the International Quality Award (QC100) for the second time in Platinum

Niloofar Abi is the first professional Spa and massage center in Iran which is founded in 2007 by establishing a specialized committee and extensive field research to identify the types of common massages in the East and South-East Asia, as well as educational and massage provider companies, and has received permission from the relevant authorities after the preparation and development of a comprehensive plan for massage and Spa centers. And now, Niloofar Abi offers its unique services to customers with its two branches, the Dariush Grand Hotel and Marina Park Hotel in Kish Island and the three branches of Aria, Ab and Kouhestan in Tehran.
Niloofar Abi survival depends on the customer satisfaction. Accepting and delivering optimal services and improving the quality and quantity of these services is the major policy of this company.

Accordingly, it emphasizes the promotion of productivity, increasing the range of geographical performance, respecting the wishes, values and interests of the guests, creating a suitable environment consistent with Islamic-Iranian standards, upgrading skill level and knowledge of administrative - service personnel, variety in providing spa and massage services with an emphasis on demand-driven services, increasing the general, physical, psychological health and beauty of citizens, development of applied spa and massage studies, and collaborative research with scientific and academic centers to improve the performance of the system.

Niloofar Abi, during its10-year-old activity, has received a variety of appreciation letters from government and private organizations such as Sports Medicine Federation, Islamic Council of Tehran, Kish Free Zone Organization, and Kish Hotel Society and so on, by using the power of Thai and Iranian spa therapists.  


In 2017, Niloofar Abi won the International Quality Award (QC100) for the second time in Platinum. The award was awarded to Mr. Azizpour, CEO of Niloofar Abi, on November 26th at the Gobon Hotel, London, by the BIOD and the Spanish Technical University of Madrid, with the presence of professors such as professor Alfonso Si Cassal, from Technology University of Madrid, Frank Calvinho, Professor Alla Ignaschenkova, behavioral scientist at the University of Tübingen, Germany and Dylan El Fikling.


Granting this award is a symbol of quality, management and customer satisfaction at international standards level. Twenty countries from the Europe, Asia, America and Africa were present at this ceremony.
Niloofar Abi has received its first international quality management award at Hyatt Hotel in Paris, in 2014.


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