Name of the company: Apadana Tourism Caravan

Brand: Niloofar-e-Abi

Position: First official spa and massage centre in Iran

Duty: On the way to tranquility

Dependent company: Tan’asa Kish

Niloofar-e-Abi established It’s professional team of masseurs in 2007 after undertaking a thorough investigation into the eastern and south eastern Asian massage specialties as well as recognized massage companies. After taking the decision of establishing its spa and massage centres with having the aspect of relaxation in mind, Niloofar-e-Abi succeeded in officially registering the company with the relevant authorities.

Up until today, Niloofar-e-Abi, has had the privilege of offering its services in four different branches. Two of these branches are currently located in Kish Island (Dariush Grand Hotel and Marina Park Hotel) and the next two operate in the capital, city of Tehran (Aria Complex and AB Complex).




Publish Date : 9/30/2014
Source :
niloofarabi Service
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